Are You NBN Ready?

NBN is being rolled out all across Australia with the aim to connect all areas with high-speed quality network. 

Some areas have already been connected to NBN and are enjoying the ability to operate high-speed internet from their homes and businesses. Bear in mind, NBN Installation requires you to consider certain electrical services for it to be properly connected to your premises.

Internet speed will be much faster with NBN


National Broadband Network or NBN is the upgrading of the existing fixed phone line and internet network infrastructure for Australia to join the world in the digital future - this is a federal government initiative which is owned by NBN Co Ltd.

Preparing for the NBN rollout

As NBN is being rolled out to specific areas, you can be NBN ready by preparing the placement of your electrical equipment and data cabling for the NBN installation. This way you can convert easily to the new high-speed internet platform. The aim of the rollout is to have all residents connected to the new network before they disconnect from their existing network. Algester Electrical have already assisted many homes and businesses with NBN installation with the focus on providing you with a smooth transition experience.

Be prepared for the switch off date

You will receive a notification advising you when your area is being switched over to the NBN. Generally, you are provided with a maximum 18 month period to switch off from your existing service. So it is best to be prepared and have all of your electrical services, phone services and data cabling installation needs sorted.

What you need to do

  • When you are looking to connect to NBN, you will need to discuss your options with your internet provider. They will supply you with all the information about different plans and options which you can choose according to your needs.
  • If you have not installed the internet previously (new homes or building premises), your selected provider will install all related NBN equipment to the wall - which can look unsightly in some situations or just be inappropriately located. What you need is a neat installation of a quality enclosure with power, data cabling and phone to be ready for the NBN installation.

Worry not, this could all be handled by our qualified electricians at Algester Electrical. For your convenience, we advise that you switched well before your NBN scheduled date because it will take some time to proceed and get connected to your service.

Benefits of upgrading to NBN

Is NBN in my Area?

Many areas in Brisbane are having NBN rolled out now and it is important that you get a qualified electrician to get you connected. Algester Electrical can come to you and assist with NBN installation and data cabling needs required for the transition. Check our service areas so we can get to you asap.

Check the NBN official site to check the status of NBN in your area.

Be NBN ready and get your quote now!