Energy Efficiency Test Before Solar Panel Installation

Without a doubt, solar power has gained its grounds across residential and commercial properties in Australia.
This is not surprising given the fact that solar power systems are not only making power more efficient but affordable too.
Today, many Australians are beginning to switch to solar energy as their source of reliable electricity. Solar energy enables homes and businesses significant savings and improves finances while having a reliable power source. With Queensland being the Sunshine State, there is ample of sunshine all year round to harvest energy from the solar power system.

Solar Panel Installation

While solar energy remains the future of electricity giving its continued advancement, it would make a lot of sense to pay attention to energy efficiency test before solar panel installation. A popular misconception is that all solar panels in the market are the same. This is far from the truth, as there are many different types and sizes of solar panels with varied efficiencies.
Hence, all businesses and homes need an efficiency test on solar panel cells before the installation process even begin.

What is solar cell efficiency?

Solar cell efficiency (energy efficiency) is the amount or portion of energy from the sun that can be converted into electricity. To run this test, you need to employ a licensed electrician with an accredited solar panel installer license.

Why is solar energy efficiency test important?

1. Determine Energy Output

  • Solar panel efficiency test uses a photovoltaic system (the conversion of light into electricity). This is usually combined with latitude and climate to determine the energy output of your solar panel.
  • An industry-certified electrician can easily estimate the amount of energy your system will produce in a full year. For example, a Standard Test Condition for a solar panel with 20% energy efficiency and an area of 1m² will produce 200W of energy.
  • After this is done, you can discuss with your electrician to balance the energy output with your energy usage to find the optimal solar power system set up. 

2. Ascertain Solar Panel Size

  • By performing an energy efficiency test before the solar panel installation, size of solar panels can be estimated to ensure there is enough space prior to the actual installation process.

3. Help Select the Correct Cooling Mechanism

  • In installing solar power systems, you will also be installing solar panels cooling mechanism. Prevailing climatic conditions can affect the performance and output of your solar system - for example, extreme temperatures can cause the panels to overheat.
  • Energy efficiency test will help determine the cooling mechanism that your solar panel needs to function properly. It will also determine whether your panel should be installed a few inches off the surface to give a flow of cool air.

4. Determine Solar Panels Positioning

  • The position, pitch and tilt of your solar panels greatly affect its efficiency as most solar panels are mounted on roofs. Experienced electricians will have no problem in figuring the right positioning of your solar panels.
ONLY proceed to install Solar Power System after you have completed the Solar Energy Efficiency test.
After installation, ensure you have constant contact with your electrician to perform Solar Panel Maintenance routines and solar panel cables check. Regular maintenance work is usually done every 6 months to keep the solar system functioning at an optimum level. 

Solar panels and solar power systems are used around the world, but since Australia is an especially harsh climate with extreme UV levels, we have meticulously chosen products that are proven to last and guarantee your return on investments.

Save Power, Save Money and Save the Environment.

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