Why Upgrade to NBN?

NBN provides a faster and more reliable source than the previous infrastructure which allows us to stay connected to one another no matter where we are.

Why NBN?

The many benefits of NBN on a wholesome level:

  • Connecting to others - whether it's business or pleasure, you can experience smooth connectivity via fast broadband 
  • Increase interactions and establish connections with others across the world through various online platforms
  • Working from home - being able to work from home by having reliable access and speed of the internet
  • Providing a lifestyle change that simultaneously brings economic benefits to the country
  • Brighter future - the NBN network will change the way we learn and improve the education landscape for Australia by opening up learning opportunities outside the classroom. It will provide the platform for future generations to flourish in the digital world
  • Giving your family better access to educational and academic resources online
  • Being able to stay connected to family and friends regardless of your individual locations
  • Busy households run more efficiently - everyone can be online at the same time, on multiple devices and still enjoy the high-speed quality
  • Entertainment-on-demand - video streaming, online games, music and photos, international TV and sports can all be enjoyed from any connectable device in your home or business
  • Improved health sector - e-health and telehealth will be improved and will thrive on a fast broadband connection. Sharing medical imaging, documents even holding video consults allowing us to bridge the medical gap between urban and regional care

                                  Source: http://theconversation.com/infographic-how-fast-is-the-nbn-54392

Source: http://theconversation.com/infographic-how-fast-is-the-nbn-54392

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When Will NBN Come to My Area?

Many areas in Brisbane are having NBN rolled out now and it is important that you get a qualified electrician to get you connected. Algester Electrical can come to you and assist with NBN installation and data cabling needs required for the transition.

Check the NBN official site to check the status of NBN in your area.

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