Data Cabling Installation and Phone Line Repair Brisbane

Data Cabling Installation and Phone Line Repair

We provide services in overall wiring and telecommunications sectors including Ethernet data cabling services - our amazing team of Master Electricians possess vast experience in Data Cabling Installation and are also qualified Telecommunications Technicians.

Algester Electrical is experienced in the Installation of New Wiring, Cabling, Repairs and Maintenance - we are experts with Cat 5, Cat6, various others, and also Fibre Optic Installation which is used for the NBN (National Broadband Network) connection.

Data cabling is used when wireless technology is not a viable option. Many things we use in everyday life utilises Ethernet technology.

You might require data cabling installation services around your home. These may include:

  • Connecting new technology and gaming equipment to the home internet.
  • Connecting a home solar system inverter.
  • Extend your home office to allow VOIP.
  • CCTV data cabling installation services back to your LAN/internet connection/central monitoring station.

We can also come to your business and design a commercial data cabling installation system to suit your needs.

Phone Line Wiring & Repair

There are many ways to check if your phone line is faulty and not working correctly. Where the physical cable is damaged due to work in the area or rodent-related problems, we can get to the root of the problem.

In saying that, not all problems are due to faulty or damaged cables. There is also the possibility of a carrier problem. Algester Electrical can assist you in eliminating certain problems by checking a few common faults.  

Common faults with phone line/data cabling installation:

  • You can hear the other person but they can not hear you.
  • The line drops out in the middle of the call for no reason.
  • Crackling on the line during the call.
  • No dial tone.
  • People have told you they have been calling and the line rings out.

If your phone line is faulty and you are not sure if you require a technician to come out, call us and we will assist you over the phone to fix the issue. If it requires a home visit, we can arrange a mutually convenient time to assess the data cabling and phone line installation. Our experienced Master electricians would be pleased to assist you with all of your Data Cabling Installation and phone line repair needs.

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We have a dedicated team of experienced Master Electricians for industrial and commercial Phone Line and Cabling Repair. We can tailor a package to suit your needs and budget.